Become Iconic.


Audio has a way of creating an icon, we remember the voice of those be it Cronkite, Churchill or King. It creates a theater of the mind taking us to another place and creating a connection that nothing else can. We feel close to those we listen to on daily basis, there words hold as much sway for us as a close friend. It takes us to a place and begins on the path to omnipresence. We want to create your podcast and make you iconic.


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Public Relations


Your Big Idea


Your Message



What We Offer

When I started the Create Your Own Life Podcast I had a mission and a purpose but no vehicle. Now, fast forward and the show has gotten me amazing networking and business opportunities, television coverage and also contributing author opportunities. Imagine what that kind of coverage could do for your product or brand? having your own show and platform can do that for you, but we understand that PR actions that need to be taken to really get there unlike any other podcast production company out there.

Are you ready to create your movement?

Our Mission is to help you to become an icon in your space; growing your network, selling more of your product and creating a image to get you on the next level. Podcasting and a full PR campaign is our vehicle to get you there.

  • Branding & Strategy 50%
  • PR Campaigns 35%
  • Audio Production 15%

Our Work Flow

The Vision

We find your show purpose, and hone how its perceived.

The Image

Create an awareness campaign to help your image to get more out there.

Build Your Podcast

Create a done for you show and get it out globally.

Create Celebrity

We then help you to get more exposure for your product and brand.

Frequently Asked Questions


We tailor the experience unique to each individual but here are a few things that often come up.

What kind of clients do you work with?

We work with individuals with an established business interest that are looking to create more sales, speaking gigs or get their iamge to the next level.

Can I Use My Designer?

We have our own design team and to help you get real results, to work with us we require you use our team. This way it ensures we can get you the best possible outcome.

Do You Offer a la Carte Service?

We offer PR and production services separately, but in order to really get results, we prefer to work with full-service clients