Dr Dan Margolin: Take Back Your Health Now Podcast

In October of 2016 we met with Dr Dan Margolin to map out the vision for a podcast called “Take Back Your Health Now,” inspired by a book he read by Dr Joel Wallach.

We sat down and went over the vision for the show, which was to empower the listener to have total control and power of their health.

We then went over a plan of action that would take about 60 days, launching the first episode of the show on the 1st of December.

We gave him the assignment of creating a list of the 100 people that he would most want to interview in his space, and told him to dream BIG.

STEP I: Branding Hub

  • Our first step was to go over his current website and upgrade it to really take advantage of the show and build a personal brand as well as the podcast. For the sake of the project, this site was built from scratch. (The show artwork was added later on, but this is a recent screenshot of the site.)
  • We collected all of his previous media features on a media page, positioned him alongside of celebrities he had already worked with and also set up the site for email capture.
  • After the site launch, so much buzz was made about the podcast, that the Huffington Post picked it up for coverage.

STEP II: Podcast Imagery

This one gave us the biggest laugh…

  • We contacted a few designers and next started working on what the show imagery would look like.
  • We we kept the ideas of natural health in mind when working with, Greens and Blues really indicated for that idea.
  • We came up with the best examples and presented them to Dr Dan to select the one he liked best…

STEP III: Awareness Campaign

  • We got Dr Dan on a selection of shows to get him comfortable with the podcasting space and also to raise awareness and for his upcoming show.
  • We also set up his email capture to build a list to promote to in addition to his office email database so that there would be a greater chance of success with launching the show.
STEP IV: Show Launch
  • We launched with 5 episodes and a brief introduction about the show.
  • We got the show to #74 in the top category of health in iTunes.
  • By February he had his first 1,500 Download week.

STEP V: Results

  • As of September 1st the show is over 21,000 downloads.
  • The show currently has 82 episodes.
  • Ranked in the top 200 in Health > Alternative Health category.
  • The top 3 desired guests on the top 100 list have been interviewed, along with many others.