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Jeremy Slate

Founder, CEO
Jeremy is a published author, blogger and marketing specialist, holding both a BA and an MA from Seton Hall University, as well as studying literature at Oxford University. With his extensive literature background, Jeremy knows just how to position a business for optimal readership and growth. He understands what entrepreneurs want, because he’s one too — he is Founder and Host of the highly successful Create Your Own Life podcast series, on which he interviews impressive entrepreneurs to impart their knowledge on those just starting their journey.

The show was ranked #1 in iTunes New and Noteworthy for the category of Businesses, and #1 in Business Management and Marketing, as well as ranking as high as #26 in the overall iTunes

  • Communication 90%
  • Social Media 80%
  • Broadcasting 65%

Brielle Takacs-Senske

COO, Public Relations Director
There are many misconceptions when it comes to public relations. Put simply, Brielle operates off of the definition of public relations as making good works well-known.

Brielle has worked in the field of public relations for over 8 years, helping to establish many for-profit businesses and non-profit organizations.

She is an expert in getting press coverage for business professionals on several avenues — including online, print, radio and television. Brielle helps to craft your vision and place you on the correct lines of communication to create a global effect.


  • Vision 95%
  • Press Coverage 80%
  • Positioning 70%

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Our level of knowledge helps to position you at the forefront so your valuable time is not spent on things that just don’t work.

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We put you message out there eloquently so that there is no confusion and it can be easily received by your target market.

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